Especially for urban girls.

Forget polyester!

Pay attention to flax and cotton. In a shirt with long sleeves, you will be more comfortable than in a bustier dress made of polyester. In addition, things from natural fabrics will last longer.

Choose clothes free cut

Dress combinations, wide pants, tunics, oversized shirts are perfect for summer, and they will not be hot.

Do not forget about the hat

It will not only hide from the bright sun but also safe from sunstroke. Hats, caps, Panamas – choose what you like best.

Wear less jewelry

In the heat of a large necklace, baubles, metal watches can annoy no less difficult task in physics. Try to minimize the number of accessories, if you can’t do without them at all – choose chokers or bracelets.

Pay attention to underwear

Leave the push-up and sconces with tight cups until autumn. In the heat will suit sconces without seals or sports models. And, of course, an option for the most courageous – to abandon sconces altogether.

Choose light colors

Did you notice how hot you are in summer in all black? Dark colours attract the sun’s rays and heat up quickly. So leave a gloomy palette for another season. And now – The time of a white dress and beige trousers.

Wear open shoes

In sneakers incredibly comfortable, but, you see, it is very hot. In the heat, it is worth wearing only open shoes – sandals, sandals, espadrilles or mules.