Imagine you’re one of the idols. Who would you like to be? I’m sure one of the first to come to mind is Fox from BLACKPINK.

It seems that she has a special talent to collect bright and eccentric images for performances and simple, but stylish –  for everyday life. On the second we will stop. Today we have five great ideas from Fox for a casual look.

Chic casual What? Yes!

Fox’s favourite thing is the jeans that she combines with everything. In this case, simple pipes made friends with a men’s jacket with false shoulders (just like our ba). The top combination, thin chains with pendants and a bright bag smoothed a seemingly daring image and turned it into something very elegant. Therefore, chic! 🙂

Bright accent

Who said a sweatshirt can’t catch attention? Take the biggest and brightest, then there will definitely not be a chance to go unnoticed. The fox chooses yellow  – and we very much approve, after all, summer is still in the yard.


Cool on summer walks? Do not forget about layering. Fox can be called a real expert of puff images (like puff pastries, yeah). It would seem that everything is simple: jeans, sweatshirt, light coat … But it is important to choose the right styles! The sweatshirt is three sizes larger, the coat is of the male type, the jeans are in the floor. It turns out cool and stylish.

Total denim look

Collect monochrome image – one of the simplest stylistic techniques to look cool. And you can play not only with color, but with the texture of the fabric. For example, Fox uses an ordinary jeans as a dress. In combination with cute socks and crosses goes cute.

Sexy or not?

Black denim shorts, crochet top – it all looks sexy. And so that the image does not look too defiant, we supplement it with an amusing panama (Mest-kev summer season) and enjoy life. Hooray!