We look at the world through rose-coloured glasses. Literally.

Finding the perfect pair of sunglasses can go on indefinitely if you don’t know a few simple secrets. And since the yard has long been hot, hot summer, glasses should be chosen as quickly as possible. We will help you find a couple that you will not part with until September.

General rules

The rim edges should protrude slightly beyond the boundaries of the face. With a broad face – a couple of millimeters, with a narrow – up to 1.5 cm.

The upper limit of the points should follow the line of the eyebrows. Make sure that the frame does not create a second line under the eyebrows.


Large glasses with massive arms and a high jumper will suit girls with wide faces (circle, square) and large features. With delicate features, elegant glasses are suitable, and a narrow face (oval, rectangle) will be balanced by a low web.


The eyes are most comfortable in the lenses of neutral shades: grey, grey-brown, grey-green. For myopic glasses, brown tones are best suited. For farsightedness, choose greyish or greenish lenses. If you plan to go for a long time with glasses, avoid pink, blue, orange and yellow glasses.

Round face

How to recognize?

  • the widest part is the cheeks;
  • the distance from the forehead to the chin is almost equal to the width of the face;
  • face without angles: rounded jaw and hairline, non-sharp chin.

Task: visually lengthen the face.

Type of glasses:  “contrasting shape” –  chopped frame made of colored plastic, as close as possible to the shape of a rectangle or a square.

Forget: round glasses.

Square face

How to recognize? Pronounced corners of the lower jaw and forehead.

Task: to soften and round the shape of the face.

Type of points:  massive round-shaped rim with arcuate top.


  • rims with a straight top;
  • chopped forms;
  • small glasses already face width.

Triangular face

How to recognize?

  • broad forehead;
  • high cheekbones;
  • a pointy chin.

Task: to  balance the wide forehead.

Type of glasses:  rounded oval-shaped glasses with a thin frame with a low fit. Points should be narrower than the height of the forehead.

Forget:  massive models with lots of details

Oval face

How to recognize? The ideal shape of the face, outlines resembling an egg.

Task:  Do not spoil the shape of the face.

Type of points:  Virtually any form is slightly wider than the face.

Forget Massive temples.

Long face

How to recognize?

  • straight cheekbones;
  • elongated rectangular face.

Task: add face volume, expand it.

Type of points:

  • round glasses;
  • massive glasses with a soft form, especially with a frame, painted in the upper part.

Forget:  small glasses and rimless models.