We look forward to the fruits of her labors with impatience!

All last year, Kim Kardashian has been developing a project about which she didn’t tell anyone. All the details were kept secret, but this week the star finally decided to share with the fans the fruits of their labors. Having finally conquered the beauty industry, Kim took up fashion and launched her own brand of corrective figure underwear Kimono.

According to Kim, she dreamed about making this dream come true for 15 years: “I often couldn’t find the waist-fitting underwear of the shape I needed or the color I needed so that it would match my skin tone. I needed to find a solution. And I found it – I created my own brand. ”

By the way, the name of the brand to fans of the star seemed funny, because they found the connection between underwear and traditional clothing. If you didn’t know, a kimono is a loose dressing gown with a belt that used to be very tight at the waist. Especially if the kimonos were put on by geishas (remember Mulan and how the poor little ones pulled the waist with a belt just before going to the matchmaker). And the fans themselves considered the name a reference to the creator of the brand: Kim Kardashian and KIMono. Having bought a kit, you can not help remembering who created it. Good move, Kimmy!

In the Kim collection there are underwear of almost all corporal shades (there are only 9 of them), which can be safely worn under a skirt with a slit or a dress with a neckline. Kim specially created underwear of absolutely all sizes to support the bodypositive movement.

The date of the start of sales is still unknown, but we can already predict: the collection will be disassembled in a matter of minutes.