For this material, we forced the most fashionable guys in Moscow to first achieve their bows, and then engage in kung fu and pose as if they were flying cats 🙂 Well, at the same time we talked about the love of Asian fashion.

Elizaveta Pak

I have subscribed to many bloggers from Asia, and in general I have been following only Seoul Fashion Week lately. Why? 

Very influenced by the roots. I am Korean and with age I look more and more at the origins. Many and often reflect on this topic. All this, of course, affects the style. After all, he is a reflection of what is happening inside.

Varvara Sukhomlinova

For me, Asia is like a bright picture. Streets, houses, people – absolutely everything inspires. My current style began to emerge from trifles, accessories, but after a while I basically got into the works of Asian designers, especially from Seoul. So now I often collaborate with their new collections and shoot for lookbooks.

Why choose Asian brands? They are not afraid to experiment with shapes, sizes and colors of clothing. And this is just my personal motto 🙂 In general, we fully understand each other.

Nikolai Voznesensky

I see Asia as a conglomerate of states and peoples who, in the process of globalization, can finally broadcast their approach to the whole world. I have always been interested in the history of their styles and even feel the indirect contribution of this culture to the formation of my identity. 

At the same time, I try to produce symbolism, which is tied to dance movements. I like the ritual dances and how they affect modern technology and the image as a whole. Therefore, on the coat and jackets I add openings in the pelvic region – so the game of the body in motion is visible.

Daria Simonova

All my images are inspired by what I see every day on the Internet. And since the Asian style is so bright, fresh and always unusual, the photos of the guys from Seoul and Tokyo attract me most.

Now I work with a huge number of Asian brands and plan to go to Seoul Fashion Week to personally meet with my favorite designers and even more to penetrate Asian culture.

Tuyana Shiretorova

The fashion industry in Asia is closely related to their mentality, not like the European one. The development of street style cultures in Europe and Asia is strikingly different, and it pleases. 

When you get tired of monotony, there is a place where you can be inspired by new ideas, to complement your style with the brightness of Japan, the minimalism of Korea, the colors of China … So, studying the culture of other countries, I create my own unique image.

Anatoly Karnaukhov

In general, to be honest, I’m still wondering: where does this chick in fashion and style come from in Asia? On the other hand, being inspired by this peculiarity of the Asian street culture, probably, I myself become bolder in clothes and style. I apply ingenious details in everything, not only in appearance.

Well, to surely stand out or make something very special, I rummage … in hardware stores or furniture departments.