More is better, yes is better!

Hey, babe, have you managed to get the main accessories this summer? Bold accents, rich shades and a sea of ​​colors –  catch a guide on the key trends of this season.

Turn on the brightness

Neon is one of the most sought after trends! Stylists do not advise to make an image of only acidic shades, but to add a few such decorations to dilute a calm image is easy.


Details of pastel shades become the main focus in the collections of fashion designers. Especially popular are pale pink, caramel and cream decorations.


Bright and different – feel free to add them to your image! Of course, you shouldn’t completely cover yourself with insect prints so as not to turn into Grandma Bee. Pay attention to the accessories and decorations in the form of these little creatures. Brooches are especially popular. Get inspired!

Daring 90s

The time of bright experiments and the spirit of rebellion is back. Combine the incompatible, choose the most daring and do not be afraid to be yourself.

Experiment with the new collection of Fiesta from the Lady Collection!

The sea is worried once

Stripe is  a summer classic. You will meet her in brooches, earrings, bracelets and even on rings in the form of a print. The spirit of Captain Jack Sparrow is always with us –  remember this when going for a walk.